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Concast is the first precast and concrete pipe manufacturer in Canada to exclusively offer the PERFECT PIPE system. This innovation will revolutionize the landscape of infrastructure systems as we know it. Concast has invested in capital equipment for this state-of-the-art manufacturing process and by aligning with Austrian company Schlusselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, we are pleased to be able to provide this solution to the Canadian pipe market. With PERFECT PIPE, enjoy increased peace-of-mind when committing to a long-lasting pipe product backed by the dependability of the Concast brand.

PERFECT PIPE is manufactured in various diameters that are 100% protected with a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner. PERFECT PIPE offers a lay length of 3 metres, 560mm longer than traditional pipe. The PERFECT PIPE system provides exceptional protection against the shifting or separation of the concrete pipe from the HDPE liner. Every HDPE liner is anchored to the concrete pipe by 900 homogeneously extruded anchors per square metre. Each anchor provides 56lbs (250N) of pull-out strength, ensuring that the liner stays in its intended position. The Perfect Pipe joint system can withstand a constant internal pressure of 36 psi through the combination of a dual jointing system that seals the HDPE liner inside the joint of the concrete pipe.


  • High static load capacity
  • Shorter installation time
  • No circumferential deflection
  • Permanent corrosion protection
  • Watertight joints
  • Eliminates field welded joints
  • Improves flow
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Liner is pull out resistant
  • Zero leakage (Infiltration or Ex-filtration)
  • No confined space entry improves jobsite safety

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