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Bridge Elements

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Concast manufactures a wide range of precast concrete bridge products. The products include, but are not limited to: precast concrete abutments, precast concrete approach slabs, retaining walls, precast concrete footings, precast concrete bridge deck sections, etc.

The benefits of using precast concrete elements in bridge construction are the reduced installation time and the quality of the product that is manufactured in the controlled conditions of our facilities. Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) is fast becoming the only way that the province of Ontario can reduce the backlog of structures that need rehabilitation or replacement.

Challenge us with with any and all of your precast concrete bridge element needs.


  • GiGo – Get-in, Get-out Bridge Construction
  • ABC – Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Delivered Quality for our Manufacturing Facilities
  • Set-in-place Bridge Components


Approach Slabs
Retaining Walls
Bridge Decks
Pre-Stressed Deck Panels

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